Zhengzhou Huawei Metal Material Co.,LTD started in 1998, is an international group company Specialized in the research , development and production of Copper and Aluminum electrical products.  As one of leading provider in china ,It's main products are hard drawn copper strand wire、tinned copper strand wire、copper platoon、Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR)、All Aluminum Alloy Stranded Conductor (AAAC), Aluminium Clad Steel Wire, and also have soft drawn copper strand wire, cables. It's covers thousand of varieties, dozens of brands, four major serious —copper conductor、aluminium-alloy conductor (AAC)、Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR)、Aluminium Clad Steel Wire.

At president, the headquarter of Huawei Metal Material located in No.60,Zhengbian Road, Zhengzhou, China. covering an area of 1500square meter, the Company is provided with the advanced production and processing equipment, establishing world-leading production line of wire drawing and twist wire and the Quality Certification Laboratory. The group company's annual sales figure exceeds RMB 100 million , and sales of export reached USD 10 millions.

As an enterprise persue the principle of scientific and technological innovation and quality first.. A team of brilliant experts in the field of copper conductors in Wire and Cable Industry ,  as proprietary intellectual property rights as core, we absorbing advanced technology form America、Germany、Sweden to keep current with new ever-changing technology and to promote development of copper conductors and Overhead Electrical Conductors filed of Wire and Cable Industry in china.

Dedicate ourselves to provide products that provide added value and solutions that economy and rationality, we served more than 2000 customers and 50 countries, becoming the first choice of the field of  transmission line、Electrified Railway、water-power engineering 、Wind power project 、Petroleum Engineering 、construction 、metallurgical engineering ,ect.

After ten years operation, Huawei Metal Material has formed a integrated marketing system which focus on the customers. with an experienced、high skilled consultant team as well as the extensive Worldwide Sales and Service network,  Huawei Metal Material can provide individualized solution to customers all the time.

Everyday, our elaborated products served silently to customers all of the world  in order to ensure their stable electricity.

Every year,Wave on wave of new products have been researched and developed, the new product has stood up to repeated studies and detailed examination, ensuring safe and reliableuse.

Facing the width and depth of global marketing , Huawei Metal Material has formed unsurpassed advantages for Market Competition with the advantage of strong technological development power, high-quality research and development team,  internationalized management system , excellent quality, rising brand value and  an integrated trade service provider.

The great generation can create the great enterprise.

Huawei Metal Material, relying on strong development trends, will keep moving, becoming  the leader of international and domestic copper conductor field.

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