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The importance of copper strand conductor to Lightning & Grounding system

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The importance of copper strand conductor to Lightning & Grounding system

What is the lightening

lightening is a build-up and transfer of charges between clouds, between clouds and the ground, or between clouds and objects. Lightning is formed when a warm front and cold front converge. The rising and falling of moisture creates charges that build up and have to be discharged to adjacent clouds or objects on the ground. Lightning may carry several thousand volts in potential and several thousands of amperes of electrical current discharge for approximately 500 milliseconds.

Why we need lightening & grounding system?

 Lightening causes serious physical injures or death, explosion of objects, fires and damage to the electronic equipment by passing through wires or plumbing. but of these violent forces of nature, lightning is the only one we call economically afford to protect ourselves against. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that a good lightning & grounding system be installed. First, it can reduce the structural damage to buildings. Second. It can reduce damage to equipment .Third, it can reduce danger to humans and animals .

How to install lightening & grounding system ?

 A lightning rod or lightning conductor is a metal rod or metallic object mounted on top of a building, electrically bonded using a wire or electrical conductor to interface with ground or "earth" through an electrode, engineered to protect the building in the event of lightning strike. If lightning targets the building it will preferentially strike the rod and be conducted to ground through the wire, instead of passing through the building, where it could start a fire or cause electrocution.


Hard drawn bare copper wire


Why chose our copper strand conductor ?

Copper strand conductor play a very important role in lightning & grounding system, our company's copper strand conductors are the best choice for customers.  First of all, the material of hard drawn bare copper wire adopts super pure cathode copper plate, second, individual wire adopts high speed continuous pulling and annealing process controlled by microcomputer. Third, our stranded process of stranded copper wire is very special and the ends keep tightness.


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