Tinned copper tape

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Cords and standards

  • GB/T 5585-2005


  • One circuitnull line and ground wire,bus duct
  • Motor winding,high-voltage or low-voltage electrical apparatus
  • breaker contact,guide line for power installation
  • metal smelting,Electrochemical plating,Chemical caustic soda, and other current electrolytic refining engineering

Product Description

  • Made from high purity copper
  • Used for large current delivery
  • Two types TMY - hard state and TMR - soft state

Detailed descriptions:

Tinned copper tape

Tinned copper tape made by special technology which is metal coating on the surface of substrate, and the oxidation layer must be removed from the bare copper tape before tinning ,and the dosage of tin plating brightener must be appropriate.

Tinned copper tape has good corrosion resistance ,and it could not be electroed corrosion in the large current circuit .Due to the chemical properties of tin is very stable , so it doesn’t cause chemical reaction easily with water and all kinds of acid-base class material. So the tinned copper tapes have good conductivity and long service life.

Pickling operation is necessary before tinning in order to wipe off the oil and dirt on the surface of the copper tapes. The reason of pickling is that avoid falling off of the tinned layer. After pickling we can operate tin plating process. After tinplating the impurities must be washed out by water, then copper tapes are dried in the air, at last the finished product tinned copper tape come out.

Good viscosity,Cold resistance
Good viscosity,Cold resistance
Compliance with environmental standards
Flame retardant,Easy to tear apart

Our range of Bare copper tapes are widely applicable for switch terminals, electrical conductors, etc. available in different sizes as per the client's requirement.

Two types TMY - hard state and TMR - soft state


The tensile strength of soft copper busbar is more than 206N/mm 2,and the elongation is larger than 35%.
And the toughness is not below HB65.

The resistivity and resistance-temperature for copper busbar as the chart shows


型号 +20℃时电阻率 ≤(Ωmm 2 /m) 电阻温度系数(1/℃)
TMR 0.017241 0.00393
TMY 0.01777 0.00381

When the thickness of filet around the copper busbar is below 6.3mm, and the fillet radius is less than 1.5mm ,and if the thickness is above 7.1mm, and the fillet radius is smaller tan 2mm.

The bending straightness of hard copper busbar is less than 4mm/meter.

Size and allow deviation as table shows:


厚度a 允许偏差(mm) 厚度b
B≤50.00 50.00<b≤100.00 100.00<b≤200.00 200.00<b
a≤2.8 ±0.03 ---- ---- ---- a≤25.00 ±0.13
2.8<a≤4.75 ±0.05 ±0.08 ---- ---- 25.00<b≤35.00 ±0.15
4.75<a≤12.50 ±0.07 ±0.09 ±0.12 ±0.30 35.00<b≤100.00 ±0.30
12.50<a≤25.00 ±0.10 ±0.11 ±0.13 ±0.30 100.00<b ±0.3%b
25.00<a ±0.15 ±0.15 ±0.15 ---- ---- ----



PVC insulated bare copper tape

导体规格mm 重量kg/m 标准长度m/卷
20*3 0.63 50
25*3 0.77 50
50*3 1.52 40

Product standard:BSEN13601、BS6764C

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